Michael Edwards’
world of fragrances

Founded by the fragrance expert and author Michael Edwards in 1983, Fragrances of the World is the largest guide to perfume classification that has ever existed.

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The Fragrance Wheel explains the relationship between innate fragrance preferences and the fragrance families.

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Fragrances of the World online database is the ‘Google’ of the fragrance industry. A quick search for a key fragrance note would take me hours to pour through press releases and internal training notes, but with the FOTW, I am presented with results in seconds. A truly valuable tool to have at your fingertips. Anita Providel,
PR & Communications Manager, Coty Australia Pty Ltd

Michael Edwards has observed the perfumed world for 32 years. That perspective has produced the premiere reference and historical record on the world on fragrance. Fragrances of the World is where I turn when researching the background for nearly everything I write. Mark Behnke,

“As a global fragrance development team, we are highly discriminating in which sources of information we choose to work with. Fragrances of the World is our chosen reference tool for fragrance information. It is without question the most accurate, comprehensive and significant database of fragrances in the world. Our confidence in Fragrances of the World is at the point that we simply think of it as our own reference archive – it is passionately curated and impeccably maintained, which is aligned with our own approach to fragrance design.” Will Andrews,
P&G Prestige Fragrance Creation Team - now at Coty Luxury

Michael Edwards is a renowned Fragrance Historian, born educator, raconteur (or captivating orator) with faultless presentation. A librarian of all things fragrance who has been a stalwart enthusiast of scent related projects/creations since 1983. Over 8 years Grandiflora wouldn’t have founds its path in the world of Niche perfume without his continued guidance and interest. Unparalleled knowledge and healthy industry relationships make Mr Edwards an international icon. Saskia Havekes,
Grandiflora Fragrances

“As a fragrance developer. I find myself constantly looking into the Fragrances of the World database to learn more about the classification of different olfactive families…to categorize the creative and sometimes chaotic world of scent is understanding the olfactive world as an essential part of our natural, and indeed, cultural history” Carlos Huber,
Founder, ARQUISTE Parfumeur

Mention Michael Edwards to anyone in the Fragrance Industry –Houses, Perfumers, Retailers and perfume lovers and there is such great respect for the man who has chronicled the history of fragrances over the past 32 years. In this digital age and our need for immediate access to information – I see “Fragrances of The World Database” as the Wikipedia of the perfume industry – so much more insight than just facts. It is THE only source I completely trust for accuracy Michelyn Camen,
Editor in Chief of the Award Winning site

Fragrances of the World in all its forms has been an indispensable reference guide and companion to me over the years, and I've recommended it countless times to anyone who wants to augment their knowledge of fragrance. The online database is terrific - we use it as an educational training tool in our Sniffapalooza Master Class series, and I affectionately describe it as "My Bible". With just a few clicks, it truly is the one comprehensive source you need to expand your awareness and understanding of scent. Karen Dubin,
Founder/CEO, Sniffapalooza

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