Perfume Legends II

First published in 1996 and now considered one of the most significant books written on modern perfumery as creators, perfumers, couturiers, bottle designers and fragrance house executives spoke openly about their fragrances. The result was a gold mine of insight. Revised and updated in 2019, Perfume Legends II presents new research, stunning images and eight new legends.

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Michael on meeting Edmond Roudnitska

“For me, Roudnitska then and still is one of the most celebrated perfumers of the 20th century. Having the opportunity to meet him, remains a career highlight. I was surprised that he accepted an invitation to meet, and even more surprised when he continued to give me more 3 hours of his time for the interview. I liked to open my interviews with an unexpected question. When I met Edmond Roudnitska it was “Mr Roudnitska, do you regard Diorella as Eau Sauvage’s sister?” which really stirred his juices!”

Why Perfume Legends II after 20 years?

“In an age where so many perfumes have been changed, altered, or destroyed – if it were not for the Osmotheque or Perfume Legends how would we know where it all started, what it was meant to be and why it had such impact? I am the curator of the written perfume museum, therefore it was inevitable that the book had to be revised” - Michael Edwards