Michael Edwards' work

Developing a unique classification system to match and recommend fragrances was the guiding philosophy behind Michael’s work at its inception over 30 years ago. Changes in consumer behaviour (now buying online and in-store) drives the business to develop and deliver innovative solutions. API technology offers retailers the option of pre-formatted or customised products. Through developing technology, matching and recommending fragrances to their customers is more accessible than ever before.

Perfume Legends explores the evolution of modern French fragrances through the eyes and words of their creators. Michael Edwards,
Author of Perfume Legends


Michael Edwards’ online database is the natural evolution of his revered Fragrances of the World reference guidebook, which began in 1984. Updated daily by Michael and his team of evaluators, the database contains product information on over 36,000 fragrances from around the world.

It is the most accurate resource for fragrance designers and evaluators, marketing and training executives, researchers and retailers.

In the database, all fragrances are classified by family, note and sub-note using Michael Edwards’ Fragrance Wheel. Bottle image, olfactive pyramid, launch date, brand, olfactive direction, perfumer and bottle designer are just some of the searchable data points we record for every fragrance.

Perfume critic Luca Turin calls it “the only comprehensive, historically accurate, factually reliable and artistically consistent database of fragrance in existence.”

Match my Fragrance

An easy to use digital tool designed to maximise online sales. Matching from the database and recommending from the brand’s stock inventory Match My Fragrance is also visually engaging, offering customisable branding. The tool organically creates sales opportunities and empowers the buyer with knowledge and expertise about their fragrance preferences.

Retail iPad App

Designed to enhance customer engagement, this powerful tool allows sales staff to match and recommend fragrances depending on the individual’s needs. Options include a mood-profiling tool, an interactive Fragrance Wheel and the ability to match and recommend by brand, fragrance family or ingredient.

Match It

Designed to overcome the challenge today’s retailers face of making quick and accurate customer recommendations. This simple, single brand digital tool allows consultants to match the individual’s known preference from the database and make a recommendation from the stock list. Results are returned quickly and easily with minimal operator input.